OPM Rumors: Resident Evil 6 at TGS, EA developing PS3-exclusive FPS

The October 2011 issue of Official PlayStation Magazine is hot with rumors. The magazine reports loose talk of a Resident Evil 6 announcement at this month’s Tokyo Game Show, the development of an exclusive first-person shooter for PlayStation 3 from EA, and Valve working on a new game with GlaDOS (Portal) voice actress Ellen McLain.

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zeeshan2635d ago

Is OPM any good? The last time I had megazine subscription they used to have these demo cds. Do they still do that? I know ee use psn now but the demo cds were more like a treat back in the day. I am thinking abt subscribing to opm.

xAlmostPro2635d ago

I hope the EA making exclusive PS3 title is true, maybe even with the sexy frostbite 2 engine ;)

supremacy2635d ago

I highly doubt this, unless is a Sony funded ip than i don't think so.

opinska2634d ago

EA making a FPS for Ps3 sounds good... lets see how they'll roll this :)

KingofGambling2634d ago

EA rumor to be developing a PS3 exclusive that's awesome,
lets hope it's true.