GotGame - Sonic Generations Hands-On

LJX writes: I’ve written about Sonic Generations before when the public one-stage demo came out and wasn’t happy with a few things back then, even though they weren’t crucial, but rather little details that needed to be taken care of to make the gameplay experience truly entertaining. I’m glad to say that some of those issues have been looked into and fixed. The game now indeed seems more polished and fun to play as well. I think that slowly we’re getting to the point where most players will be pleased with the overall look and feel this game has and I’m fairly positive that Sonic Generations will surprise both new and old fans alike.

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samurailincoln2633d ago

Great Preview! I'm hoping this is the game that finally turns the franchise around.

gumgum992632d ago

The visuals of this game are awe inspiring.