Epic Dead Fail: Xbox 260?

This is why you proofread mass emails. Hope you get the laugh we got out of this.

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Rushing_Punch2603d ago

I gotta get me one of those

Solid_Snake-2603d ago

really N4G....posting articles about a typo lol


With a typo in the article.

lugia 40002603d ago

Number 3 is so close to number 2 on the keyboard..

kma2k2603d ago

lmao, i make stuff like this for my work & ive fudged stuff like that up a few times. Never to the number of people that they are talking about though.

tayz2603d ago

thats small. if they had a huge letters that said Xbox 260 then it would have been epic fail. this is just an innocent typo

agentxk2603d ago

That was the title of the email

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