President of EA Questions PS4 and Xbox 720

"With the current generation of consoles approaching their 5-6 year mark, it is no surprise to hear talks of the upcoming generation of consoles. While the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 still have potential that has yet to be seen, just look at Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3, developers are always aching to work on the latest and greatest hardware, except Electronic Arts."

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supremacy2635d ago

yeah they do so, but eventually will be among the first to publsih games for the platforms. nothing new.

lzim2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

This needs to be edited to not confuse some people. Frank Gibeau is not the "President of EA" he's pres of a division/subsidiary of EA.

Also the context is more of Gibeau's 'at what cost?' to consumers, distributers, retailers, developers and publishers like EA. Just marketing the next generation and providing better games and services will be expensive at first. Take it like the failure of 3DS, and potential failures of Wii U (likely because what audience are they aiming at? the iPhone/iPad audience that get new ones 2-3 times faster?) and PSVita (less likely) will be ample forecast of the fallout of launching 8th generation consoles too close together without games and services to make them more attractive than what we already have. Which is why he goes on to mention the things people have, and some people flat out ignore. Some console people are content because PC doesn't have much that console and mobile doesn't get too.

Making current games that are like Cinderella's Elephantine foot in a glass slipper has caused several high profile game development studios to be closed, or absorbed, because they couldn't recoup their cost. Example, Team Bondi. Asking to move to a new and untested and initially niche console isn't going to happen with AAA titles leading the charge, and it won't be cheap on consumers who remain cash strapped. All the hardware manufacturers couldn't make enough of new units of 8th generation consoles to float their respective new platforms for the first few years anyway. Billions would be lost trying to not just create new consoles, and services (like a proper online service from Nintendo), but have them competing with each other essentially for the same games and a selection of exclusives. At least Sony has a fair stable of studios that could make exclusives, meaning they can hang back and wait and launch PS4 with a good number of exclusives while milking PSVita and PS3 for all they are worth.

So why not leverage PC in the meantime? Enter Origin, which lacks support and services. EA can do much more to put all of its best franchises on Origin, and more than that, meet [Microsoft and Apple]+Valve (and even Google) half way by putting more games out on digital stores. Like the Sims. Instead of putting it on facebook they could have launched it as a free to play game powered by microtransactions (so exactly like the facebook game).

They earn money now (if possible in such a competitive cut-throat market where very little is making profit) in preparation for the Epic fight that will be the 8th generation of home entertainment consoles. Nintendo already has a beach head, and MS and Sony have both mentioned they are sketching out their battle plans (very likely they will fall short again of what developers will need to support another 5 years of compelling games and services). What they don't need is another ball and chain. No one intends to lose money the way they have in the past and they certainly want the next generation to have expansion built in, not just in 'firmware updates'.

But this article, and the other one, and my blog all ask the most obvious question, can EA fund all of its studio's for 8th generation launch titles? with Crysis 3, something new from Bioware in the Dragon Age line, a Mass Effect spin-off or cross platform MMO, another Battlefield, another NFS and Burnout.. and a dozen casual titles. Or can they spend another couple of years combing the dregs of X360 and PS3 for profit. The possibility of dominating launch titles is there so questioning necessity and costs seems silly.

SuperBeast8112634d ago

got something on your mind guy?geez tone it down to two paragraphs lol

lzim2634d ago

that IS the short version

BattleTorn2635d ago

I like the comment on the source.

Add USB ram expansions N64-style

theonlylolking2634d ago

USB is probably not fast enough for games now. It would be nice to have RAM expansions next gen.

Agent_hitman2635d ago

New console?.. We're in the middle of economic crisis, why would we want another console?.. It is indeed very expensive to develop a new hardware it'll cost a lot of billions..

BattleTorn2635d ago

Crisis.. Shmrisis... Consumer electronics are still doing great.
Apple hasnt stopped making new iPad/iPhones.

Ive always thought that home entertainment is a industry unaffected by economy.

jukins2634d ago

I agree its such a crisis yet ppl are still buying luxury type items like ps3's, xbox's, ipod/ipads, hdtv's, tablets, etc. Hell google and apple are even more valuable than energy companies these days both which provide luxury services and items. That said when the next playstation or xbox arrives it will sell.

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