Why Namco's Tales Of The Abyss delay does 3DS no favours

Such a delay has its consequences for Nintendo's 3DS, a platform starved of RPGs.

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TruthbeTold2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

This particular delay stings even more for me. It feels like they've calculated that most Tales gamers are going to get this anyway whenever they release it so "F'em" while they wait for the 3DS to be in the hands of more people. It also probably means that Graces f will be delayed even longer for PS3, since they've never released two Tales games in the same year in N.A. be they ports or not. I've already played this game, and was looking forward to playing it in 3D and making a point to support Namco. But now, as usual, I just feel more and more frustrated and even a bit bitter toward them.

Venox20082659d ago

Isn't One piece 3DS comming in November too? If yes, I think that's the reason why they delayed this Tales 3DS game