Bodycount is the Opposite of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

There are good games in this world and there are bad games in this world. One of each was recently released. On the one hand, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of those great games that help make a boring summer special. On the other hand, Bodycount is one of those games that make you say, WTF? This retails at $60 and the devs are calling it a AAA title?

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kramun2632d ago

Deus Ex is Great, while Bodycount is a steaming pile of shite.

I agree.

Sarcasmology2632d ago

I don't know...a steaming pile of shite serves a purpose (warmth), while Bodycount doesn't even come close.

chriski3332632d ago

2 different types of games but yes bodycount is garbage and deus ex is a masterpiece

JimmyJames702632d ago

True they are very different, the only thing in common is the release date, and for many reviewers, they will have just finished Deus Ex and then turned to Bodycount... so the comparisons are inevitable. Game publishers should take that into account.

mad-dog2632d ago

Gamers should do whatever they want with Bodycount.
Gamers should buy Deus Ex right NOAW!

KwietStorm2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

lol damn is it that bad? I was never interested in buying it, but I downloaded the demo just because I kept hearing the name. Haven't played it yet though. Been playing Deus Ex haha

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