Fifa 12 PC Gameplay - Full Match Video; Same features with the console versions

DSOGaming writes: "We’ve been waiting patiently for a PC gameplay footage of Fifa 12 to see for ourselves whether EA Sports’ statements were actually true or not. So get ready PC soccer fans as we can now confirm that everything looks exactly the same with the PS3 and X360 versions of Fifa 12. Fifa 12 PC will be exactly the same with the same features, looks great and above all, runs amazingly fast."

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fluffydelusions2660d ago

They said PC/PS3/360 would all be identical. No surprise really.

Farsendor12660d ago

imagine if this was dx 11 that would be awesome.

kramun2660d ago

Shame really, pcs are capable of far more.

NYC_Gamer2660d ago

They could have pushed the hardware instead of throwing the console version on pc

john22660d ago

surely they could but let's be honest, it's great that this year all version will be the same. Last year PC gamers got a somewhat "worse version" (although it was way better than the PS2 ports they were getting prior-Fifa11)

superrey192660d ago

I don't know what's a greater shame: that it took them this long to make the game look identical to the console version or that they are happy that they look the same even though pc is capable of so much more

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