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Jio2574d ago


So this happens during the time he was in the FEMA cryogenic sleep chamber on his way to China? I'm confused and excited

*end spoilers*

clarkjudo2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

That was my thought that this takes place while he is in the sleep chamber to Singapore. My guess, the DLC will be Adam Jensen experiencing a vivid dream.

Drazz2574d ago

"Adam will not have use of his augmentations" Wtf, why would they think this is worth paying for? Not having augs is like cuttin off half the gameplay...

SITH2574d ago

You clearly have not played the scenario in deus ex HR which you lose use of your augmentations.

Jio2573d ago

I'd like to know how bad you messed up to have that happen to you.

SITH2573d ago

If you go to the limb clinic during the recall you will lose your augmentation in a boss battle. I played different variations of the game and beat it multiple times. Just how in the hell is that anywhere near messing up? According to your limited experience I shouldn't explore the game. Go play the game then fabricate an opinion of how to play it.

Jio2573d ago

I had that scenario happen to me on the first playthrough. The way you worded it sounded like you literally lost everything and had to get your upgrades all over again. But yes, that was a mistake going to the limb clinic, I knew something was fishy when it was happening to everybody, even people with augmentations from different companies. I still did it because I wanted to see what would happen.

SITH2573d ago

I can't help you read too much into something.

Jio2573d ago

Are you insulting my ability to read?

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HelghastKid2574d ago

I havent even beaten the game yet O.o

clarkjudo2574d ago

Do not worry ... it will take a good while. 25 to less than 40 hours (if you include side missions). :)