What 'CVG' loved and hated about the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer

CVG - Like it or not, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is destined to be the biggest game of 2011. Today's unveiling of the game's first multiplayer footage may have seen the gaming community inverting their thumbs in indifference, but there's still plenty about Activision's armoured cash-tank to be excited about.

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Cerberus292630d ago

I'm not a call of duty hater but I'm also not a call of duty fanboy, I think the games can be fun occasionally (although it is definitely not a game I play when looking for serious competition). That being said I just haven't seen anything good (or different) enough to make want to pick this one up.

jdktech20102630d ago

Personally, I'm in the same boat...I play the game for fun and don't have allegiances either way. However, I saw some cool stuff in the reveal. I love the idea of pointstreaks so I'm not penalized for going for the objective. I also like the variety of killstreaks though we all know most people will go for the assault strike package.

There's some cool stuff and I'm still gonna pick it up. I do think I'll enjoy BF3 more but BF3, MW3 and Gears will be my mulitplayer fix until Halo 4 so they will all get plenty of run time

C_Menz2630d ago

Point streaks are a clear rip off from MoH.

jdktech20102630d ago

Great, wasn't my point...Read it again, no where did I mention MOH because that game was not a good game because it was rushed by DICE (single player was pretty good).

Cerberus292630d ago

Yeah the pointstreaks sound like a good idea, and I will probably eventually pick the game up. But between Gears, Batman, Battlefield, and Skyrim there are just too many games I'm looking foward to more than COD at the moment.