Doom 4 An Xbox 720 Title, Will Run On ''Eye-Destroying'' Engine? - Xbox World Nov 2011

''An intriguing rumour has cropped up in the November 2011 issue of Xbox World magazine stating that id Software’s upcoming first-person shooter Doom 4 will release for next-generation consoles and run on an "eye-destroying" engine – most likely to take advantage of the distinct increase in horsepower offered by the new hardware.''

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fluffydelusions2632d ago

What's with all the next gen rumors over the past couple of days?

SilleGamer2632d ago

Yeah rumours seem to be surfacing everywhere.

A lot of the magazines are hinting at next gen projects in development. Maybe the next wave is sooner than we think. ;)

Remember how the Vita just appeared out of nowhere. :)

TheDareDevil2631d ago

But..but..I'm really happy with this gen. A lot of great games are coming out, devs are maxing out the hardware. I don't want next-gen now.

What do you think MS and Sony are going to tell the casual gamers and their parents?

" Uh, you know that Move or Kinect thing you bought last year? Yeah, well that's outdated now. We got something way better that's launching in 2 years for only $499"

Persistantthug2631d ago

You get a new Nintendo console.

That's it.

morganfell2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

"What's with all the next gen rumors over the past couple of days?"

Subterfuge. Clouding the sales waters. It is an attempt to induce people to not jump on the $249 PS3 deal.

"Just wait a few more months and we'll have news about a mindblowing next gen console!"

Jocosta2631d ago

If you were serious, that is the most paranoid post I have ever read. By that reasoning no one would buy an Xbox at 199.00 either.

Convas2631d ago

And of course, MS is funding all these rumors, to further muck the waters.

Am I doing it right?

kramun2631d ago


maniacmayhem2631d ago

Also to distract people from the world recession and the plot to pollute the ocean water with flesh eating acids.

The Illuminate is behind the new console rumors and they hate the ps3!

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pandehz2631d ago

Maybe the next gen is coming but not next year or year after.

Prolly Sony and Microsoft have already decided the next gen setup and have already started game projects with various developers so that there are enough launch titles and have enough time to understand the next gen unlike this gen where only in the last few years did we see hardware maxing games.

WhiteLightning2632d ago

If Sony makes the PS4 developer friendly, a mistake with the PS3 they've already learnt from if you look at how developer friendly the PSV is, then I wonder if it will help John Carmack with the PS4 version.

cstyle2631d ago

Next xbox is gonna be a beast. Just imagine....more power with ms awesome dev tools.

qwertyz2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

yes but they need talented FIRST PARTY STUDIOS developers to PUSH the hardware right now they only have 2 talented developers and thats turn 10 and 343i(which has employees that have worked on MGS, metroid, killzone and some key ex-bungie staff).

I know AMD is cooking up something special for the nextbox because I work there although I know next to nothing about the project. they've been working on it since 2009 it will be based on their new GCN architecture(which was originally designed for nextbox because MS wanted a GPGPU and VLIW that all amd gpus up until now have used isn't suited for that AT ALL) but the talk about it having avatar visuals is just marketing B.S as those will only be possible in the next 20 years(at least). it will be a 28nm part and will be able to handle AI as well as graphics and physics

I'd love to see what sony has planned but I don't think it will use an AMD gpu because I've not heard a THING about it and company execs are only hyping the nextbox AI and graphics capabilities.

Who knows ps4 may use a custom made powervr gpu but powervrs will have problems with tessellation because it cannot work properly on tile based differed rendering gpu as geometry costs are always much much higher this is one of the many reasons larrabee failed by the way

maxmill2631d ago

if the next Xbox is actually good with alot of great games ill buy it, but then imagine PS4 0_0

ChrisGTR12631d ago

lol, fuk doom 4, doom 3 was overhyped garbage.

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