10 Indie Games That Matter

PasteMagazine: Although the developers of these independently made games sometimes differ widely in their mission or motivation, one thing is clear: independent gaming is beginning to attain a place of influence on par with major developers and has challenged the way we think about our games. Here’s our countdown of 10 independent games that matter.

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Harelgur2659d ago

Plants vs Zombies is not indie...

iamnsuperman2659d ago

I loved flower. There was something calming but yet fun about floating through the grass collecting petals.

NukaCola2659d ago

Yeah it's awesome. So simplistic yet so advanced. I finally realized where it's roots are...It's like the classic game I love thatgamecompany to death. I am getting Journey day one.

rabidpancakeburglar2659d ago

I found flower to be rage inducing and I'm a calm guy. There's nothing more frustrating than aimlessly moving a flower about

JBaby3432659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

You're actually the wind and it's not aimless at all. It's open but you pretty much always know where to go. The beauty of the game is in the emotion and the story told through the experience and I'm sorry you missed that.

rabidpancakeburglar2659d ago

I'm not one to play games for their beauty as they are games, I want something that doesn't bore me

kramun2659d ago

No mention of World of Goo?

I'm astounded tbh.