Resistance 3 Hands-on Preview (El33tonline)

Tom at El33tonline writes:

"If you like your first-person shooters challenging, visceral and atmospheric then Resistance 3 is most definitely for you. Taking place four years after the events in Resistance 2, you play as dishonourably discharged Sentinel Joseph Capelli as he makes his way from Oklahoma to New York City in a desperate bid to put an end to the Chimeran invasion once and for all.

I was lucky enough to play through a preview build of the game which consisted of the first few hours of the singleplayer campaign. This build seemed pretty polished apart from some clunky animations (e.g. climbing ladders) and very basic PlayStation Move support (e.g. no movement-related reloads ala Killzone 3). Aside from these seemingly unfinished elements, the game offered up plenty of impressive moments which bode well for its critical reception when it releases across PAL territories on September 9th."

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Holeran2631d ago

Agreed it doesn't look near as sharp as Killzone 3 or Uncharted 2 (they could of employed MLAA in place of QAA at least)and being sub-hd is not good in todays offerings, but one thing that Insomniac has managed to acheive that I even question if the two other previous titles ever had this good is "Mood". That one little word can change a game from being average to being awe-inspireing, and it looks like they may have hit the mark. From what I have seen so far they knew this long ago and capitolized on it.