PCN: Bleach Soul Resurreccion Review, by a Bleach Fan for a Bleach Fan

PS3Center's second opinion on Bleach Soul Resurreccion from a Bleach fan's point-of-view.

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Tanir2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

horrible review, game is complete garbage. gameplay is so bad

and to those who disagree please explain how the game is fun? is there some secret cheat that makes the gameplay good???? lol was probably the poster who hit disagree, if u like the game and have low standards thats fine, buut as a game its just plain horrible.

the show sucks also, drags on and on and ooooon. aizen never dies, and its full of fillers

Simon_Brezhnev2633d ago

I guess u speak for everybody. So what show is good to you then.

Tanir2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

no i dont speak for everyone, but its known even by most fans that bleach has to much filler, just like naruto, but least naruto's story got somewhere.......eventually.

good shows to me?

Garden of Sinners
Gankoutsou (count of monte cristo)
Ergo Proxy
Le Chevalier D'eon
Highschool of the dead
Fate stay night
Vampire hunter D blood lust
Jubei chan 1 and 2 (as wierd as they are)
Elfin Lied
Samurai 7
Samurai X (not rurouni kenshin)

thats just to name a few, how bout u? lol

lmao,!!!!! Arrrgggh its you bwahahah Imdaboss :P sup haha

rezzah2633d ago

You disagree with the writer's opinion and now i disagree with your's.

Its all about opinions.

you made your choice so don't try to convince the world that the game will end your life.

Tanir2633d ago

ur opinion is ur opinion, its fine, but if u remove your fanboy glasses and look at this as just a game you know this is just a BAD version of dynasty warriors (which dynasty warriors is already not that good)

Bleach should have been adapted into more of a devil may cry or ninja gaiden style action game.

the gameplay and graphics just arent good in this game, and production values are no where near the ultimate ninja games, (Graphics cutscenes, special attacks etc)

just facts

rezzah2633d ago

That's your opinion of what you wanted it to be.

That is your facts, not the facts of reality. Meaning it is what it is.

Rather than complain for what you want it to be be glad that it is or forget about it completely. Its your choice.

There is always room for improvement if they choose to go the way you would rather have then so be it, but if not and they choose to follow the dynasty worrier series fighting style then what can you do?

A letter by you may not mean much, unless you have the entire fan feedback equaling your opinion then their might be change, but I doubt that would ever happen.

Inception2633d ago

High school of the dead is crap..for me. I loved the girls boobs, but that's it. And is there "other" Samurai X that's not Rurouni Kenshin? i thought Samurai X IS the western title for Rurouni Kenshin...

btw, no Ghost in the Shell, Hellsing Ultimate, Monster, Slam Dunk, Fullmetal Alchemist, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, or Cowboy Beebop in you're list?
lol, you're list still good though but you need to learn the real deal dude ;)

FredEffinChopin2632d ago

The game is getting similar reviews to this one across the board, so consider this for one second:

Maybe YOU are the one who doesn't get it, and the rest of the world does. Not the other way around.

Despite having a loyal fanbase, Dynasty Warriors gets consistently bad scores. Every site is calling this a "good" DW. Again, you are in the minority, maybe it's you who should explain your opinion to everyone else instead of demanding that they tell you why Bleach: SR a good game.

As far as the show goes:

1. You sound like you've watched it for a while, so either you love bad TV or you loved Bleach at some point.

2. Complaining about the villain never dying is something you would have to condemn every series that has a villain for.

3. Having lots of filler says nothing about a show except that it has been running for a long time. Filler is unavoidable unless you take the DBZ route and stretch episodes out as long as possible, or just don't show anything while new manga catches up. It's the way of the anime world, in case you didn't know.

FredEffinChopin2632d ago

Oh, one more way you are in the minority. Look at those disagrees. You swept the board, a rare thing.

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whitezagetsu712633d ago

woah facts I guess you are right then hey anyone else who comments bleach the game and show sucks cause this child states only facts I mean in the manga bleach hasn't finished the aizen fight cause this child says it didnt and the game production value isnt as high a naruto UNS2 cause this child states only facts im glad you only state the facts cause people who think the way you do are always right right?