Top 25 Video Game Heroes of All Time

GIR's Hillis takes a look at our top 25 favorite heroes of all time. Unfortunately, Alucard is not among the list.

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DarkCharizard_2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

If Mario is not #1 I will riot!


OMG its link!

WhiteLightning2636d ago

Wow a list with something Final Fantasy VIII related on it and not afraid of the FF8 "hate"

Let's be honest Squall is better then Cloud....he has the best character development in the whole FF series. The transformation of his character who we meet at the beginging on the game, the selfish, lonely jerk to a brave heroic leader at the end.

Shame people always judge his character from the beginging of the game and ignore the amazing character going straight to calling him an "emo". It's always "OMG CLOUD IS LIKE THE BEST FF7 CHARACTER EVER" or anything FF7 is the "best"'s a shame because differen't FF games do certain things better then FF7. <sigh>

iamnsuperman2635d ago

Its a shame my hero (Sackboy) isn't there. He does everything while looking adorable.

bessy672635d ago

You included a character from Call of Duty, you're picture of Isaac Clark is from Dragon Age 2, and Sonic (and 8 other characters) is ahead of Commander Shepherd. List fail.

A-Glorious-Dawn2635d ago

Funny that they didn't include Chell...
Or Crash Bandicoot, That little coot would run through the worlds most dangerous locations! With a huge grin on his face!

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