Dark Souls Tears Apart Lame DLC Trends with Heaps of Content and No Gouging

Is it best for games to receive a flow of post-launch DLC or be pretty much finished once they're on shelves? Jonathan Leack seems to think the latter, as he reflects on this Dark Souls news and concludes, "the Blu-ray you pay for will provide everything Dark Souls has to offer, and you won’t have to pay to access something on the disk. Let’s just hope other companies follow suit."

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JellyJelly2632d ago

That's the way to do it! Great job From Software!

I'm pre-ordering it although I feel I might regret it a thousand deaths later lol. Or maybe appreciate it even more.

knifefight2632d ago

Yeah I gotta hand it to FromSoftware and Bamco on this one, I like knowing there's not gonna be a bunch of extra that I get nickel-and-dimed for.

rdgneoz32632d ago

I'd say give a hand to From Software only. If Namco had their way, they'd probably milk it for DLC.

Army_of_Darkness2632d ago

I was gonna pass up on this game, but now I have to buy and support the game and developer just because of this reason alone. Who knows, maybe I will even like the game a lot!

thorstein2632d ago

Not only that. If you pre order you get the Special Edition


From Software: Dev of the YEAR

BigWoopMagazine2632d ago

That's... fantastic! Someone figured out how to finish a game! Unbelievable.

imoutofthecontest2632d ago

I'm OK with an expansion pack for some games, like a big amount of content and released like months if not a year or so after the game is live. Not this day 1 BS taht is obviously finished but left out of the $60 package. That's insulting to me and I don't go for that crap. Makes me sad that so many people do -_-

Army_of_Darkness2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Its partially the developer's fault cause if it weren't for the suckers who buy the dlc, I'm sure they wouldn't rip us off like that no more.

Wizziokid2632d ago

can't wait to play this

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The story is too old to be commented.