Killzone 3 patch 1.12 detailed

Guerrilla Games has announced the changes patch 1.12 will bring to PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter Killzone 3.

Guerrilla has made changes to the weapons, multiplayer matches and interface. Oh, and it's toned down the "overly enthusiastic death screams.

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JoGam2635d ago

WOW...Every time I see a KZ3 video I'm just AMAZED how AWESOME the game looks. I haven't played KZ3 in a while since I somewhat maxed the ranks and platinum the game. Looks like I will be going back to this gem tonight.

remanutd552635d ago

i really wish they added all the maps for free so the community wouldnt be divided , they should do what evolution studios has done with Motorstorm Apocalypse that the new track and special events had all been free

garos822635d ago

i always feel that 1st party ps games should get all dlc free for ps plus subscription. it would make a lot of sense as well as reward brand loyalty

i really hope sony adopts this business model and adds alot more value to my ps plus

zeeshan2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Kz3 mp is great.

zeeshan2634d ago

I bloody love kz3. Some of these changes are awesome. The match start wait time was a bit too long so reduction in that is great. I did not unlock sacramble only because it screams a marksman presence and makes him an easy target to find if u know what I mean. Glad to see it is optional now. And the screams were aweful. Always wondered why there was no map name on the spawn screen. The mortar delay blows though.

Garos82... I am not a plus member but I agree with you.

SoapShoes2635d ago

^ Really? I much preferred KZ3 over KZ2.

Walrus2635d ago

kz2 was fun as heck, but kz3 kinda abondoned its unique feel and became CoD...

spektical2635d ago

a little too late?

i havent played kz3 in a while.. i never played the single player either :/

i got it back from my friend haah

DirtyLary2635d ago

Never to late. The series has people playing all versions online. That should mean something.

spektical2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

double post..

DirtyLary2635d ago

Love the attention to their game these Devs show.

John Kratos2635d ago

I still play it occasionally, glad to see they reduced the wait times between matches, and finally made the radar jammier an active ability. And the death scream most definitely needed some work.

garos822635d ago

reduced times is certainly a bonus. some solid changes all around but i got to disagree with death screams. ive grown to like them now :)

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The story is too old to be commented.