Confirmed Perks in Modern Warfare 3 (New Proficiency Slot)

Perks will be broken down into 3 tiers as it was in other Call of Duty titles, but there's a new proficiency slot added. These are the confirmed perks in Modern Warfare 3 so far:

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TheBeast2660d ago

"Stalker" what, so you can be a pedo bear now?

Criminal2660d ago

Funny bubble from me. :)

Dead Silence is Ninja, Stalker is... who knows.

NuclearDuke2660d ago

Every single MW3 thread you invade and post nonsense. You really do not see anything besides BF3 fit. Well, I am very sorry to break it to you, but MW3 will still be more popular than BF3.

If BF3 actually thougth they had a chance, they would release the game Nov. 9th

NarooN2660d ago

The pot calling the kettle black...

xtremexx2660d ago

Proficiency? you can put kick in the Proficiency slot?, im going to ninja kick EVERYBODY!!!

Criminal2660d ago

Yeah, it's still confusing. CoD XP is going to kick off in a couple of hours. I'm sure they'll reveal more details there.

Lavitz20122660d ago

Looks like they brought my favorite perk back from cod4 overkill nothing like running with the AK74U and W1200 and blasting people in their stupid face:P.

Hitman07692660d ago

visually dig the improvements lets hope gameplay wise the improvements are good too

zeksta2660d ago

Your expecting Gameplay improvements? Sir you must be crazy.

Mister_V2660d ago

I don't even think I saw any visual improvements :S

DontShoot-Me-Bro2660d ago

I know right, didnt he just say 'visually dig the improvements'

so does that mean he thinks there is an improvement to the visuals?!

i have such a confused face.

how can anyone think that, jeez, even though i have only bought, COD MW2 & Black Ops, i cant lie that bad and say what you just said!


e-p-ayeaH2660d ago

I wanna see actual multiplayer gameplay cmon...

Mister_V2660d ago

Yeah this whole third-person thing didn't do it for me.

ARTISAN2660d ago

ign has a lot on youtube and their website its mostly m4 and g36c so yeah have fun with that

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