Skyrim Might Just Blow Our Minds

Why Bethesda’s upcoming action-RPG looks set to offer the ultimate open-world role-playing experience.

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Orpheus2580d ago

Yea yea let them show us the PC version first then we will see if our minds get blown away or not !!

sonicsidewinder2579d ago

Better not buy it then. I wanna keep my mind thank you very much.

MasterCornholio2579d ago

Ah jeez now i have to put on a Turkish helmet in order to play this game.

whydoyouask2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Doesn't reading Skyrim previews make you angry? It just makes you hate the fact that you have to wait 'til November to play it.


Stealth2k2579d ago

wasnt oblivion suppose to be the "ultimate"?

I am sick of these hyped statements.

When you say it more than once. It looses its meaning

Angrymorgan2579d ago

Yea just like the word "EPIC" has lost it's meaning, everything good is now " EPIC"

waltercross2574d ago

It was the Ultimate for It's Time.
But Tech changes constantly.

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The story is too old to be commented.