Spiderman: Edge of Time - Can It Beat Spiderman 2 As The Best Spidey Game Yet? | RandomProdInc

Spiderman games have never hit the sweet spot that licensed games are constantly trying to hit. Will Edge of Time finally return Spiderman to the successes seen with titles like Spiderman 2?

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Adexus2664d ago

No Spidey game will beat Spider-man 2.

yen8882664d ago

It was an awesome game.

Simon_Brezhnev2664d ago

My favorite Spiderman game is still Maximum Carnage.

Enigma_20992664d ago

Gameplay: Absolutely. In some spots, especially the Black cat teamups, the combat is slightly broken and absolutely atrocious. Why is BLACK CAT doing better in a massive gunfight than Spider-man? Not to mention the glitches that would pop up.

Free roaming, web swinging gameplay: From what I'm hearing, NOT EVEN CLOSE. They're not shooting for an open world game, which is where Spider-Man 2, and to an extent, Web of Shadows shone brightest. Web of Shadows fixed a lot of technical problems Spider-Man 2 had, but the ultimate feel of freedom and freestyle web swinging is lacking compared to Spider-man 2. Despite it's flaws in other areas, to this day I can STILL pop Spider-man 2 in my PS3... hah hah hah... backwards compatibility 4 life... and waste at least one to two hours just swinging around the city busting random criminals and helping people... even that d*** kid and his balloon. (BTW, LOCK-ON to the balloon... makes it a helluva lot easier.)WoS came close, but I never felt the same as I did when I did it in SM2.

Hellbound19782663d ago

I know I'm in the minority here but I found "Ultimate Spider-Man" a lot more enjoyable than SM2. Sure the move set was simplified but nothing important was lost. You got to play as was like two games in one! I loved the cell-shaded look of the graphics, plus you get to eat that damn balloon kid BONUS!!!