Analysis: When Will The Law Of Gravity Apply To Call Of Duty?

Chris Morris writes:Even if you slept through your high school physics courses, you're probably pretty familiar with the concept of what goes up, must come down. And given how high up the Call of Duty franchise has gotten in the past few years, there's a very vocal segment of the gaming world waiting for it to fall.

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Miths2631d ago

Well, if doesn't come down I guess we can always hope it reaches escape velocity at some point instead, so we don't have to deal with it here on Earth any more :).

Shackdaddy8362631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

The distances you are shooting at are too small for the bullet to noticeably drop.

Mikeyy2631d ago

This X10000

All the maps are way to small to even bother calculating bullet drop.

A shotgun firing a Slug is accurate up to 100yards (legnth of a football field)

Assualt rifles do 600+ Yards.

badkolo2631d ago

when it says cod:simulation, until then its ok

barney142631d ago

personally, an im sure countless people agree, its not that we hate cod, or activision, i hate how they put no real creativity in each of there yearly releases. sure they change a killstreak or 2, ect. but what other than that, what have they really changed since cod 4? im just tired of paying a company to make a few tweaks here and there for what hundreds of people (including myself) are saying its the same game with new story and a new paint job. they even changed there marketing on the new dlc: rezurrection from "four remastered zombie maps including 1 new map" to "five new zombie maps". even on their dlc its the same thing with a new paint job! disagree's will start flying in, but if your to blind to see what there doing, i truley feel sorry for you.

theres my piece now let the bashing on me begin :D