Uber Entertainment moving on from MNC

"But what about XBLA players of MNC and their promised additional DLC? Uber stated that with MNC being their freshman effort on consoles they didn’t fully understand the process. The continued updates and content proved to be a daunting process, and one that they could not sustain themselves on. Sorry, XBLA players, you’re not getting your promised DLC–not even the PC-exclusive map Uncle Tully’s Funland. "

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smmelton2636d ago

Irritating and disappointing. I totally understand that there might be a money issue, but dropping the ball on promises is never good. If Super MNC comes to XBLA there had better be some major unlocks and bonuses if the player has the original MNC.

cain1412636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I understand that as a freshman developer they might not have a clue what the process was but it is still irritating. Especially since the console players were their early adopters.

ndepetris2636d ago

Hard to say exactly who to place the blame on, but hopefully they do something with SMNC to thank all the console fans of the first one.