The Game Leaks NBA 2K12 Pic

When The Game isn’t tweeting pictures of people buying his album, he finds time to show out. Apparently The Game was able to get his hands on NBA 2K12 and was ready for all challengers. He leaked out the main menu pictures to the twitterverse. I like the box look of the menu. Its a clean, crisp look but I still want to see what improvements have been made to My Player mode.

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Stretch322580d ago

lol dope find. His album sucked so I guess he could do some publicity for 2K.

m232580d ago

I liked his album a lot more than his last 2. Documentary is still the best one though.

badboy74282580d ago

Todays Hip Hop is Garbage. I grew in the 90's era of hip hop biggie,wutang,tupac,bonethugs, tribe called quest etc. Todays artist like lil wayne are POP Garbage.

NYC_Gamer2580d ago

It's all about underground hip hop f*** mainstream

thugbob2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Lupe Fiasco and J.Cole are the best rappers of today.

Drake was nice before he got signed... like pretty much ever other rapper of today. They spit the fire when they are unknown, but has soon as they get signed to a label they spit out hot garbage. smh

2K12 is looking insane by the way. ;)

blackboyunltd2580d ago

Definitely an attention whore

ExitToExisT2580d ago

so there is like 2 months till it releases which means they were done with the game in 9-10 months :S

_Aarix_2580d ago

Hehe guess we'll find out when it comes out.