How difficult do you like your games?

GameNTrain: So with recent rage inducing titles aka Ninja Gaiden II and Demons Souls getting new chapters in the series (Ninja Gaiden 3, Dark Souls). It made me think if you out there like challenging games or if they aren’t your style?

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Nate-Dog2631d ago

I like my games difficult to a certain extent. I really don't enjoy easy games because challenge and the use of skill is part of the appeal of video-games for me. I haven't played Demon Souls myself but indeed from what I've heard of it it's at the very least brutal to you if you make mistakes. I don't want a game to be so hard that it's near impossible for me to complete it but I hate games that require next to no skill to complete since it's just a case of mashing buttons or even just going through the same sequences over and over again. But at the end of the day games that are easier to pick up and play first time around and that don't push you too hard seem to "appeal to a wider audience" more (as they always say) which is why games like Demon Souls and games as difficult as some of those from older generations from gaming don't come out as often these days (as well as due to the general progression of gaming and devs being able to give players more options in games now which usually results in an easier game too).

Perjoss2631d ago

Demons Souls is not even that hard, but it suffers from old school game design, if you die near the end of a level, yep, you have to start all over again. That's not all, anything you collected on your way there is left on your corpse, so you have to fight your back to it, can't make it to your corpse? well too bad. Only thing that's good about all this is it makes you value your in game life, you are quite afraid to die.

stevenhiggster2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I agree with that, it isn't actually that difficult a game it's just freaking annoying when you die miles into the level and then get sent back to the beginning with no souls! Especially when you have loads of souls. Tbh that's what put me off the game, I did like it, it just frustrated me.
I didn't mind dying and getting sent back, but if you almost get back to your bloodstain and then die again before you get it It just pisses you right off!
Not my cup of tea really, I didn't have the patience for the slow combat and I kept running in thinking I was Kratos or something, which of course lead to my death, again.
I love games which are difficult through a skill requirement, not a patience requirement.
I like my games to be challenging but not frustrating.

Menchi2631d ago

Patience is pretty much a key component of skill... It is knowing when to attack, how to attack and what to attack with. That is all part of skill.

Demon's Souls was a difficult game, but it was only difficult due to it actually requiring some essence of skill to play. You literally couldn't run in and flail about and come out alive, that would be the very definition of unskillful play.

The only times Demon's Souls was frustrating, was when you tried to force to game to play like every other hack'n'slash, and faceroll your way through.

When you actually played with skill, the only reason you'd die, is because you did something wrong, which is exactly how it should be.

stevenhiggster2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Fair point, but I know what I mean lol. Patience is a skill I don't possess, hence all the mountains of dead bodies in my playthrough of Deus EX:HR, I can't be arsed waiting on them turning round so I just kill everyone :-)

KentBlake2631d ago

It really depends.

I don't care if a game is too easy if the story is good and it's fun. I actually enjoyed Fable 2, although it's the most ridiculously easy game I've ever played.

But I usually don't like hard games when they do one of the following:

1) Require you to memorize the entire stage before you can beat it (Megaman-style)

2) When you die, you have to repeat entire sections that you've already beaten. I don't mind the challenge, but I really hate repeating a ten minute section only to get killed in the exact same spot.

That said, I loved Demon's Souls and beat it once (it does all the things I hate, but somehow it didn't annoy me half as much as other games do), but couldn't bring myself to play it all again. Maybe someday I will.

pr0digyZA2631d ago

Normally play my first time on the medium or middle difficulty, and then if I replay a game I up it to hardest.

megalonagyix2631d ago

I love challenging games like Metro 2033, where you play with your resources, and not some unbalanced unfair shit. But I also love games like Half-Life 2, where the difficulty and the pacing is just right.

StayStatic2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Has to have Challenging gameplay or it becomes bland + boring and then im just glad to see the end of it.

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