The importance of exclusivity in console gaming

Exclusivity is important when selling consoles but over the years how important has it become to have console exclusives.

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gamingdroid2633d ago

Clearly exclusivity isn't all that important beyond, considering the most popular games aren't exclusive on either console (Xbox 360/PS3).

Most bought and most played are all consistent.

theonlylolking2633d ago

Exclusives define the brand and can make a person want said console over other said console.

buddymagoo2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Gaming Droid


Most popular game sales wise = Wii Sports
Most popular game award wise = Uncharted 2

gamingdroid2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I'm sorry, but your comment fails on so many levels:

***Most popular game sales wise = Wii Sports***

Duh, it was a bundle! So of course it is going to have as many copies sold as the console! That doesn't illustrate exclusive games sell consoles or sell well at all.

Is Wii Sports a good game? Yes, I do love it!

***Most popular game award wise = Uncharted 2***

Companies care considerably less for awards, than they do sales. In fact, they covet awards as a marketing tool!

The devs will likely take pride in it.

The only value really is as theonlylolking pointed out, it is a selling point, but as we discovered it is a relatively weak one compared to other factors. Exclusivity is no longer as important as it once was....

Most bought and most played is consistently multi-platform games. Clearly people don't care for exclusivity!

vsr2632d ago

Exclusives validate a console purchase ( & they are the showcase)..... otherwise why there should be multiple platforms ?

A good exclusive is always better than the gimped multiplats. (exemptions eg Bf3 / rage / tomb raider reboot....)

A gamer need a good Quality game & value for his $60

Solid_Snake-2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

agreed gamingdroid.

if exclusives make console sales why is the xbox beating PS3 when PS3 is supposed to have all the exclusives.

@wii sports lol......that didnt sell it was free with the console.

a better console sells more consoles.

exclusives arnt bad for the business there bad for the immature fanboys to frap over.

this gen i have enjoyed plenty of multiplats over exclusives.

DigitalRaptor2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Why is the Xbox beating the PS3?

First HD console on the market, great marketing/brand awareness and a year's head start would answer that question. That is all.

StayStatic2633d ago

Its quite important because i don't think i would have bought a PS3 & XBOX tbh when i have a PC that does everything Gaming + Work etc etc , So makes sense to have exclusives from a sales stand point.

Septic2633d ago

Of course exclusivity is important. It's one of the major factors that distinguishes one console from the other to the extent that, in many instances, people actually associate a franchise with the console.

For the Xbox, it used to be Halo, Nintendo--> Mario and for Sony, in the early days, it used to be Crash Bandicoot although now its a completely different beast.

2633d ago
Optical_Matrix2633d ago

I think they are. I bought a PS3 originally because at the time, Final Fantasy XIII, DMC4 etc were meant to be exclusive. And I thought, well even though I have a Wii, the only way I can play a lot of my favorite franchises is to get a PS3.

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