Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Statement for the Racism Allegations

Deus Ex: Human Revolution currently has to face a racism debate. It's about a character named "trash lady" resp. Letitia. She is African-American descent, homeless and burrows in search of useful items from the trash. She also beg for money and remembering us the American slave time. Square Enix has now ruled on the discussion and defending itself after several complaints.

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Pintheshadows2631d ago

I read about this the other day after being off the grid for a while. I can't think of a better reason to facepalm. If HR were racist then Josie Thorpe wouldn't be the manager of the manufacturing plant. She'd be cooking muffins to bring to the workers or something.

AntoineDcoolette2631d ago

The allegations of racism are stupid. I know people who are like Letetia minus the being homeless and digging around in a trash can part otherwise its spot on. Now maybe if she was digging around in there and exclaimed "Oh I just found me a real treat! Some watermelon!" And started chowing down on a melon rind then sure I'd say that would be racist. But as she is, no. No no and no

RedDead2630d ago

Shoulda been a white person at the bin. That would have been normal...right?

maniacmayhem2630d ago

You know...i'm not going to lie when i first met Letitia i was taken back. The way she spoke reminded me of those old plantation slave movies from way back when.

I got over it quick but i did think it was unnecessary.

beastgamer2630d ago

I agree, why couldn't she sound like everyone else in the game?
It didn't bother me even since I'm African American, but the voice was just like no.
I wouldn't mind if she sounded normal, even since she is black. I might chuckle at the moment, but I won't make a huge fuss. It's that voice which put a bunch of tension on that moment.

Abriael2630d ago

if game development was only about what's "Necessary" gaming would be quite drab.

aliengmr2630d ago

They shouldn't even have to defend themselves.

Pintheshadows2630d ago

I know of a black homeless guy in Colchester (England) who dug around in bins with the thickest north London accent i'd ever heard. The game doesn't suggest all black people are like this therefore it can't by definition be racism.

shammgod2630d ago

I wouldn't even respond to these have to be damn bored to come up with that. Have you ever seen a Tyler Perry movie/show. If that isn't profiling our people I don't know what is. This is peanuts compared to what Tyler Perry is doing

VileAndVicious2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

But its ok when TP does it because he's black.

Tyler Perry often crosses the line of black stereotyping. But many of us still go to his movies and support his crap (which is usually horrible by the way) and turn around and praise him for it even if it does portray us in a negative light.

I believe that Tyler Perry is in a position that he could make positive movies about African americans and black families. But he always seems more interested in buffoonery and down playing black men.

I agree, there are 1001 other things we should more concerned about than deus ex

TheDivine2630d ago

I like Tyler Perry he doesnt portray black people in a negative way. Maybe Madea but the main stories in his films/plays are usually about normal people struggling with real problems. All his movies have a good message and show positive changes in people. The movies arnt the best but theyre entertaining and its good to see a person who is successful that always tries to be a good role model and help others. He really stresses the importance of faith and God in his movies and in real life. All this talk is rediculous anyways its one character in a game, who cares? There are many people that talk like that especially in places like new oreleans.

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The story is too old to be commented.