Valkyria Chronicles 3 Extra Edition trailer

Valkryia Chronicles 3 Extra Edition will include the third PSP-only instalment of the charming turn-based strategy title along with three new mission episodes and four DLC packs.

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Servbot2631d ago

Where's the localization brigade? We need to make Sega taste our salty tears and guilt trip them into localizing it. It's okay to act pathetic as long as we get our video games.

Inception2631d ago

Well, the 1st thing to do is we must bought VC 2. SEGA localized VC 2 when they saw increasing sales for VC 1. And maybe the same will happen to VC 3 -IF- we bought VC 2.

jerethdagryphon2631d ago

put it back on ps3 damn it at least do a hd port

tarbis2631d ago

And on PSV with interchangeable save with PS3.

tiffac0082631d ago

I agree put it on the remastered list.

Come on Sega don't fail us and localize this!

Tanir2631d ago

we definatly need this!!!! i need this!!!

Squatch832631d ago

And again Japan gets version 2, before we even get version 1 :(

JAMurida2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Wasn't the second game a spinoff/side story to the first? And the third a direct sequel to the first?

Edit: I wish they would, first of all, bring this to US/EU region and bring it on PS3. No excuse for this amazing game not to be on PS3.

josephps32631d ago

VC1 for PS3 didn't sell all that well even though it was a great game and got great reviews. Maybe that's why every sequel is only PSP.

Hopefully VC4 will include all the VC1-3 as a bonus. These games are not that big. VC2 and VC3 could have easily been a DLC for the PS3.

VC is a great game. Its very unique and nothing like it out there now.