The top 10 most annoying videogame characters

DOG - Videogames can be frustrating enough as it is, without having non-player characters repeating the same lines over and over again, repeatedly bumping into bits of scenery, or simply standing stock still and grinning at you with a scary fixed grin.

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zeal0us1705d ago

replace tails with cream or w/e the other character that hangs with it.

jiggypuff annoys the sh*t out me

zeal0us1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

argh can a mod remove this one, please?

iamnsuperman1705d ago

I hate when that happens to. Sometimes you hit the submit and it seems not to work so you hit it again and then you have a double post

Venox20081705d ago

that girl president's daughter in RE4 in escort missions

tiffac0081705d ago

I would go with Toadstool than Princess Peach as the most annoying character in most Mario games.

PaPa-Slam1705d ago

Ahh, i liked that Niko's Cousin from GTA 4,....... "titties"