GameSpot - Building Modern Warfare 3

GameSpot - The team at Sledgehammer Games talks about building the next game in the Modern Warfare franchise.

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hiredhelp2637d ago

WoW so these guys made Dead Space. publisher being rival to activision EA,
i wonder if they used there own engine cos that bring a spin on things. I never had issue with the sp of this franchise.
Just the mp and the way its been milked asides from that wow dead space devs.

Organization XII2636d ago

you know you have no idea what you're talking about right? watch this people - this is next-gen stuff

hiredhelp2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I have no idea??
just cos i said wow these devs made dead space who ea were publishers.
you think im a cod fan do ya HA HA
look at all my comments pal wake up.
i just built £900 pc for that game. and 2 rigs in 2 years not to mention my mate first comming over to pc also built him up a nice little i5 setup.
ive seen that video more times than ive drank coffee in 1 day i drink alot of coffee.

BF3 has set a new benchmark! you judged me too quick. but ok i forgive ya.

FlareDReborn2636d ago

Building MW3? All you need is MW2.

MRHARDON2636d ago

Its not THAT hard to make MW3.

All they did in MW3 was use the good ol copy and paste.