Five More Things I’ve Learned about Skyrim, About Murder, Encumberance and other Stuff

Kotaku - Fifteen minutes of play time with the fifth Elder Scrolls game isn't enough. Skyrim is massive. A quarter of an hour in it illuminates the game's world about as well as stepping just outside of an airport terminal explains a new city.

But, if you've got the man who oversaw construction of the whole megalopolis sitting next to you, you can adopt the open-world, do-anything spirit of Skyrim and ask anything you can think of about the game. You can find stuff out. This is what I did at the Bethesda booth at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, with Skyrim creative director Todd Howard at my side.

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strange19862634d ago

I see no reason to separate powers and spells again. It always bothered me that powers could only be used once a day. Because of this, they're useless most of the time (quite literally). If they're supposed to be generally more powerful, just give them a high magicka cost or something. Oh well, it's far from a deal-breaker.

chadachada1232633d ago

Dude, what the HELL?

I can't make my character left-handed?

For a game all about immersion, that is one of the biggest breaks when something so comparatively small and simple can't be done.