IGN - Debating the Top 25 PS3 Games

IGN - We made a list. You sent us opinions. Here's our response.

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Ezio20482579d ago

why the f**k was MGS 4 so low in your list despite giving it a 10?????

Schism202579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Someone else from ign gave the game a 10 not the people who made the list.

DarkCharizard_2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Only MGS4.

2. ME2
3. UC2
4. RDR
5. Portal 2

MaxXAttaxX2578d ago

Well, that just proves review scores mean nothing and that reviewers/journalists opinions are no better than anyone else' on the internet.

GamersRulz2578d ago

That reminded me of IGN 2008 overall GOTY, they gave it to Fallout 3 because it is multiplat.

PS3 2008 GOTY: MGS4 ----- IGN 10
360 2008 GOTY: Fallout 3--IGN 9.6
Overall GOTY: Fallout 3 WTF o_O

that was the day I quit paying attention to reviews and trust myself and my choices.

callahan092578d ago

They didn't even put in the top 100 games (was it of the decade or the generation? Can't remember, either way it deserved to be on the list!)

jdfoster2578d ago

That's what gregg Miller said in the podcast. :p

kramun2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

'why the f**k was MGS 4 so low in your list despite giving it a 10'

Maybe they played it a second time and thought -

'Actually, this game isn't that good'

Like most people who have played it after hearing how great it is by ps3 fanbois on n4g.


You thought it was. I didn't.

That's what now. So obviously in this world of billions of people, some people don't agree with you.

That's the way it is.

iHEARTboobs2578d ago

Well, it is great. So what now?

HebrewHammer2578d ago

funny - i'm working on my 12th playthrough of MGS4

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Brownghost2579d ago

god no one cares everyone has there opinion everyones either gonna be happy or mad at this list

majiebeast2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Demons souls at 24 and i knew it was just more IGN trolling ps3 owners.

MysticStrummer2578d ago

Demon's Souls at 24??? O.o Thanks for the info. That saved me from giving them a hit. DS is number one on my personal list.

Mario0072578d ago

ign reviewers are going downhill big time. They're only fanboys of certain games will defend them to death and give every new instalment at least a 9 no matter what. this list just proves it

kramun2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Because their list differs from yours?


But that's the thing, while I enjoyed DS a lot, loads actually, I would put Dead Space 2 above it because I liked it even more. It's not weird, it's just personal preference.

Mario0072578d ago

not really, but putting MGS4 on 18 and Demon Souls at 24 is just plain weird, no matter how you try to justify it (especially considering dead space 2 is above both mgs4 and DS)

Mrmagnumman3572578d ago

This list was just a big middle finger to everyone who reviewed games like kz2, mgs4, demon souls, resistance 2. They gave r2 a 9.5 and it wasn't on the list, but games that got a 9 were, Why ign ?

KentBlake2578d ago

I don't think they should put more than one game of each franchise. This, so far into the generation, leads to glaring omissions as the Assassin's Creed games (not the first one, but Part 2 or Brotherhood should be on that list).

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