TGS 2011 - Sony's Top Exclusives At The Show

Japan's super-awesome-fun-happy Tokyo Game Show 2011 is set to take place in, you guessed it, Tokyo, from September 15th through to the 18th.

Arguably one of the biggest videogame events of the year, TGS is something everyone in the industry stops to watch, with many of the year's biggest announcements revealed during the event.

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2632d ago
KingofGambling2632d ago

I just want Suikoden VI or a new JRPG exclusive to the PS3.

MasterCornholio2632d ago

I would love to see a real Resident Evil game on the Vita instead of the minigame crap fest that was Mercenaries. Also i would like to see footage of the Persona game because the screens i have seen looked very interesting.

And finally i would love to see Kojima san bring something to the Vita which we will probably find out about it this TGS.

zinki332632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

I am pretty sure you will see both Capcom 3DS Resi games on the Vita,..They are probably quiet, because they want to sell as much of Revelations and Mercs as they can on 3DS,..It is Crapcom we are talking about,.. I would much rather have that Resi4 HD shit on it ( I played that game on 4-5 systems already,.. but I love that game so much)

I am pretty sure Kojima will put 'remake' collection of ZOE on the Vita,..(fap fap fap,.. And I don't even like the whole robo-mecha shit,.. but those games have some of the best gameplay, I have ever experienced,..perfectly controlled chaos).

I would really not mind a totally new MGS on it either,..