Activision announces NASCAR Unleashed; first screenshots inside

GameDynamo - "The first set of screenshots for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of NASCAR Unleashed can be found here..."

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IaussieGamer2577d ago

Man that game looks shit going by todays standards and looks shit even going by standards from 10 years ago.

Motorola2577d ago

Everything Activision touches recently turns to crap. First Spyro now THIS

rattlesnake252577d ago

looks like crap if u ask me

Mrmagnumman3572577d ago

me : Why are they making a new ps2 game ?
Looks at title - this is a ps3 game?,sh**!!!! that's ugly
Looks again - Oh, activision is making it..

kingPoS2577d ago

Even blur looks better than this. lol It might as well be a 3DS game.

DethRob642576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

First they make sh**!!! games on the wii now they are makeing them for the PS3\360 from now on get use to it fanboys/grils

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