IGN: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Review

The Klassic Kollection combines the first three Mortal Kombat arcade games into one bargain package. You get the seriously dated and limited (but charming) Mortal Kombat, the arguably best game in the series, Mortal Kombat II, and don't forget the most ridiculous entry in the series, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. For better or worse these games have become classics and they're ported here in all their arcade glory.

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Joule2546d ago

ign just trolled everyone

Quagmire2546d ago

Read the other reviews, apparantley it really is a broken buggy mess. Shame, considering I was keen on buying this.

Hopefully Boon patches this shit up.

peacesquid2544d ago

That's one opinion. Another is that they are right and people need to get better standards instead of just complaining about 'trolling' at the drop of a hat.

Hufandpuf2546d ago

Just played the demo for these games, and I think you have to be a serious MK fan to like these games. MK1 is seriously dated, MK2 is unrelenting, and MK3 is ridiculous. A great novelty game but IDK if any casual gamer is going to log some time into these.

Ri0tSquad2546d ago

Not even worth $5.

-Online is unplayable
-Input lag in MK1
-UMK3 runs slightly slower (might be faster after the update)
-1vs1 player lobbies
-No spectating
-Sound issues

UMK3 on XBLA was much better and next month it'll be 5 years old. MK2 on PSN had online that was playable as well.
This should of been free with every copy of MK9. If you want to play these games, go download MAME and all 3 of the ROMs.

Quagmire2545d ago

How good is MAME? Is it arcade perfect? No problems like this poor port?

Ri0tSquad2544d ago

No issues whatsoever and its 100% free.

2545d ago