First PlayStation Tablet Touching Stores This Month

Sony will release the first in its line of Android-fueled PlayStation tablet computers in September, the company said Wednesday.

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xX-Jak-Xx2633d ago

well it not a Playstation tablet its sony tablet

norman292633d ago

"Most importantly, it will be “PlayStation Certified” — meaning you can purchase and download PlayStation games to play on the go."

I think thats why he's calling it a 'Playstation Tablet'

Stealth2k2633d ago

false. This is different than the xperia which is already a flop. It cant play psx games.

norman292633d ago

how can i get disagrees for taking a direct quote from the website :|

STK0262633d ago

While there's no way I'll be buying this tablet or the other one Sony has announced (the foldable one), I applaud Sony for trying something different in the design of their tsblets. I mean, let's face it, the iPad is the best selling tablet, not only because it has the Apple logo on it, but also because it has the best build quality, design and so far, the best software (W8 for tablet or Icecream Sandwich could change that though). While most companies have been trying to copy the iPad design, Sony is trying something a bit different, and I hope they continue to experiment with designs and hopefully, they will at some point strike gold.

But both tablets presented by Sony so far have their fair share of issues (according to the previews I've read) making them a no buy for me.

maniac762633d ago

ill wait for the vita tablet lol

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