September 2011 Preview

September is here, kids are back in school, Autumn is in the air, and great games are on the horizon. Here were the definitive guide for everything you'll need to know about this month's releases.

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iDotDotDot2634d ago

Resident Evil 4 HD
Day 1 Buy.

That is all.

Bigpappy2634d ago

I would like to approve the listing, but it is incomplete. where are the Kinect games?

fluffydelusions2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Dead Island, Gears 3, RE 4, and maybe FIFA 12 if I have time.

TenSteps2633d ago

Damn it, I'd be in Australia from Sept 25 up until Oct 17.

I was so hoping get my hands on Shadow and Ico before my three week straight all work no play.