Battlefield 3: Underwhelming PC demo left me wanting more

Sarcastic Gamer: "Back in the day, I played the hell out of Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2. All I did was PC game. Years later, the newest iteration of the Battlefield franchise is upon us and I got to spend quite a bit of time with the Alpha build of the PC version of Battlefield 3′s multiplayer at a fun EA event at PAX. While it would be easy to praise the graphics, my PC version of Battlefield 3, in all fairness, won’t look that way. I won’t be playing it on the same type of computer, with the same mouse and keyboard, using the same giant monitors set up so nicely for us at the Westin for the big Battlefield 3 Event. But, this is how I was going to play it and whoa boy, it’s a treat..."

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evrfighter2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

i was thinking the same thing after a few hours with alpha.

I had all but convinced myself this was just gonna be bc3.

But then caspian border trailer came out.

wow shadow really?

so you're gonna tell me everything about operation metro is going to be different at retail?

are they going to add jets and choppers? perhaps scrap the entire map and rebuild it from the ground up.


I guarantee you other than some gameplay mechanics and probably some spawn changes Operation Metro will be the same map. you can put that in the bank

Shackdaddy8362292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Someone said in an article that it looks nicer than the fault line trailer now. Like in the alpha they didn't have texture tessellation and stuff like that.

Plus the alpha was rush and on a small map(compared to the other maps) with no jets. Don't worry. It will be like BF3 on release. I'm sure of it.

caboose322292d ago

I actually thought the alpha felt nothing like BC2, even though it was Rush mode.

All we have to do is wait for the beta to see if we get a 64 person map to try.

shadowboricua2292d ago

IT'S AN ALPHA!!! NOT A DEMO! Are you freaking STUPID?

MrSent2291d ago


derp derp whuts alpha?

Some people cant distinguish the easiest things!

hadriker2292d ago

He is more disappointed he didn't get to play a big map with planes and other vehicles than he is with the actual game, since once you get into the actual article he does nothing but praise it. This is just a case of putting up a misleading headline in order to get clicks.

budbundystyles2292d ago

The text is LITERALLY blocked by an ad for K-Mart basketball shoes? WHAT. THE. FUCK?

iagainsti1202292d ago

ad-block dude ad-block its supported on Firefox and Chrome

Hazmat132292d ago

oh my jesus tits when its ready for the beta for PS3 im gonna play the fuck outta it!

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