Ambassador Program Part 2: Ranking the Classics

"The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program has officially kicked off and ten NES titles are free to download for all the early adopters out there. Yesterday we showed you what games were available and where to get them. This time we’re adding a little extra. Since all games are free it’s likely most people will want to get them all but when space on your SD card starts filling up, you may want to get rid of some of them. Which ones are worth keeping around? Let us help you decide."

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pondaboba2634d ago

Legend of Zelda all the way!

DA_SHREDDER2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I would trade Ice climber, Mario Golf, wrecking crew, balloon fight, and that crappy yoshi game for a really good third party title like Battle of Olympus, Blaster Master, Demon's Quest, Dragon Warrior, or River City Ransom. Really half of these free games were great, but the ones I just named off the top are total crap. Surely Nintendo could have done better than this?

BTW, I would hardly say these games were free. I just bought my 3DS a couple of months before the huge price cut. Its really sad that the only good games to play on my 3DS are old NES games that were free because Nintendo had to come up with some way to justify over charging us in the first place for a supposed next gen system. It really is just an Old DS with an updated OS with a analog stick. I hear it all day "wait till the new Mario comes out" yada yada, whatever, Nintendo did the same thing they did with the Wii, added two game cubes together with duct tape and added motion controls. I can't blame Nintendo though, just look at all the sheep that need to be fed and I can see the logic behind the scheme. I just wish that Nintendo were above all that, and made a handheld that was as powerful as the vita, that and had all the bells and whistles that an average tab has. But the sheep are hungry, till then Nintendo will just herd you guys into oblivion.

RoboSpiff2634d ago

ice climber is fun, so is the Golf game, though its hard as balls.