No, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is not racist

4Player - "I understand the point; the idea that creating an African American homeless woman with a heavy accent brings up previous negative stereotypes that the black community has had to endure for years. But to truly believe that this is what’s going on here is ignore the fact that inherent racism does not exist in a vacuum, rather it is both implied and reinforced by the environment in which it takes place. The charge pays no credence to the other characters in the game, characters of all minority groups, who are crafted as well-groomed and working as scientsts or in places of high power...

As it is in the real world, minorities of all backgrounds are shown in both positive and negative light. The majority of the street people are white punks, there are gang groups of all racial backgrounds, and one could argue that the main villains of the game, the ones who do the most damage to the world in general, are as white...

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fluffydelusions2664d ago

Sensitive lot these days...

math2664d ago

Aww Sheet Cap'n, I din mean toe ruffle dem fethers.

Viper72664d ago

Well yes discrimination of minorities, the game is full of it. But in a way of Normal people vs augmented people. But racist? no..

Tuxedo_Mask2664d ago

So in other words.... Deus Ex is racist against white people? \s

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