The death of Kinect? PS3′s rebirth?

Nintendo have always been about fun. From Duck Hunt to StarFox, Mario Bros. to Mario Kart, Goldeneye to Zelda. They have always put fun at the forefront of their gaming experiences. The 2006 arrival of the Wii gave Microsoft and Sony a glimpse into the future and an idea of how gaming was evolving.

It also reminded these two big hitters that the original gaming mega-giant was still alive and full of inventive and creative ideas. This time game playing was meant to be just that, playing. The Wii invited players to stand up, jump around and run about. Suddenly, as someone later coined, we were the controller-ish. The Wii’s downfall was that you still needed a controller. It was a brilliant first step in the evolution of game playing but it certainly wasn’t the pinnacle.

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iamnsuperman2636d ago

"Imagine, if you will, a parent walking into Game or Gamestation this winter. They’re thinking of buying their child a games console for Christmas and what do they see? The Wii that their kid already has, a rather tempting Xbox and an equally priced PS3 with Blu-ray player, no extra subscription costs for online gameplay and LOVEFilm connectivity built-in. Which one are they going to go for?"

I admit the equally priced Blu-Ray will persuade them but do you think that demographic knows it has Lovefilm connectivity are how much online is.I think the big factor for that demographic is price and the fact that this Blu-Ray player (which has been advertised as better) is quite cheap

gw4k2636d ago

Have any of you seen the sale rate of the Kinect? You think it's going to die off? Please allow me to help Pull Your Head out of Your A$$!

Looks like we have another one of those 5 minute pop up gaming web blog sites again. Sounds like a porn site.

Dark_king2636d ago

For kinect to be considered dead would take a bit of proof.First Publisher would have to be losing money.As long as people buy Software a platform stays.Im considering kinect a platform because thats how its being sold.Second would be MicroSoft if they can't profit from software then the platform would fail.Right now are both these things happening?

Clarence2636d ago

Kinect will continue to sell, but even with that happening it will not effect The PS3 sells. I believe with the PS3 now 249.99 it has a real chance of outselling the 360 this holiday.

Last year the PS3 tied the 360 in holiday sells. Thats with Kinect, Halo Reach, and 360 slim being available. The price cut will insure that the Sony will have a incredible sells this holiday with the PS3.

6.3million PS3s sold for the holiday last year. The PS3 might do 7m plus this year.

The wii did 8m at 249.99 last holiday. Now its selling well below what the PS3 and the 360 are selling.

MaxXAttaxX2636d ago

Since when was the PS3 dead in the first place?

VerbalKint272636d ago

5 minute pop-up site? Try three years and still going strong, and about to relaunch with our first redesign, which is a HUGE improvement.

Go to any of the major UK events (sometimes worldwide too)? Why not stop by and say hello to our guys sometime?

As for the Author's article. It's called an 'editorial'. It's an opinion piece.

I myself don't happen to agree with some of it, but that's what it's there for; to generate discussion. Our writers don't speak for the site, or for anyone. We just offer an opinion, and if you read the piece I think he's backed his argument quite well.

Think about it. Before Xmas Microsoft heralded this as the 'Year of Kinect' and that core gamers would be served. We've had Child of Eden.

People were looking to Star Wars to make Kinect seem a little bit more like a worthwhile purchase. With Sony's price drop, and Nintendo's own actions for that matter,the competition could profit from this. Isn't that an argument worth putting forward?

As for the name of the site, as I said below, it's an Army of Darkness reference. It's memorable. Something that's won us a lot of plaudits over there years. :)

Anon19742636d ago

gw4k said "Have any of you seen the sale rate of the Kinect?"

Have you? I'd love to see a link, because last quarter Microsoft was conspicuously silent on Kinect numbers. Christmas they were shouting them from the rooftops. Next quarter, same thing! Look at Kinect!

Next quarter....nothing. Not a word.

2636d ago
liquidhalos2636d ago

I don't understand how people can make these fleeting "arguments" without thinking them through first.

Kinect at the moment is aimed at the casual gamer, the type of gamers who don't trawl through gaming websites looking for news on the next AAA title, the type of gamers who don't use gaming sites at all and because a few biased core gamers don't hear from them they assume that they don't exist.

Casual gaming is huge and these silent masses shouldn't be underestimated.

Just because kinect isn't for me it doesn't mean I'm going to run around hating on it. It has benefits for us core gamers in the sense that casual gamers are helping to feed the industry as a whole, which can only be a good thing right? There must be a percentage of move and kinect casuals who graduate into the world of real gaming.

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gamingdroid2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Haven't we heard of the death of Xbox 360 and the rise of PS3 for years now?

When both the Xbox 360 and PS3 cost the same, the Xbox 360 still sold like hotcakes. Back then the PS3 had arguably better value and Sony just took it one step further and is now competing on price instead.

Now MS got something the competitor can't replicate, Kinect. To the casuals, Kinect might just be as good as a Blu-Ray player, which that they can get in-store for $100 extra separately. Can't add Kinect to the PS3!

That said, PS3 do offer unbelievable value at $250 compared to the competition, so I expect great sales for Sony unless of course MS feels the pressure and also drops the price. Then the whole market just got reset....

DebateMaster2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

there have been a lot more "death of then PS3" articles.

The only reason kinect is selling is because of the insane ads it god on TV and youtube(every youtube vid I saw a kinect ad).

I know there are people who think it will happen but sony is smart enough to know that not everybody is ready for next gen. Do you really think they plan on releasing the ps4 befor the ps3 starts selling even close to the ps2 at 199?

gamingdroid2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

***there have been a lot more "death of then PS3" articles.***

Sony was the undisputed leader for 2 generations, so yes they will get a lot of flack, but so what? It's irrelevant!

***I know there are people who think it will happen but sony is smart enough to know that not everybody is ready for next gen. Do you really think they plan on releasing the ps4 befor the ps3 starts selling even close to the ps2 at 199?***

I think with accelerated price drops, might indicate a new console. We are still sadly years away, and this time I hope console manufacturers invest less up front and have faster cycles instead of this nonsense 5-6 year old technology already.

My point was, we have heard it before and it never happened, just like the death of PS3.

2v12636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

yea when they see the 360dvd player they dont want that!

kingdoms2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )


Yes star wars is the only reason consumers want or buy Kinect. LMAO at this moronic crap. The top selling AAA console pushing titles for Kinect are releasing with other kinect games this year. The death of Kinect? WTF?

Most people already have A DVD player. Parents want family fun not another DVD player that plays games.

DAD is going to see madden, COD, BF3, Forza 4 and Gears.

Mom is going to see XBL, Kinect.

Kids are going to See Gears, COD, Dance Central, Kinect sports

Gamers in general will see all of the above plus Skyrim, Witcher and Halo.

The bulk of consumers don't watch DVDs on game consoles they have stand alones.

Built in Kinect functions on XBL and Digital TV watching coming to XBL are going to be huge this holiday.

Built in DVD playing is old news, voice and motion control digital interactive and social cable TV is were the future is hense the New Samsung and Sony smart TV's. The 360 will turn every TV into a super smart TV blowing away what TV makers are doing in so many ways

thehusbo2636d ago

This made me laugh quite a bit.

Lyr1c2636d ago

"Top Selling"

Pffffft....Oops, I pooted.

Nes_Daze2636d ago

LOL it's great to know that you'll be playing soccer moms and kids on Live, Oh wait, that's what Live has always been about. Kinect is filled with shovelware, it only attracts the same stupid casuals that bought the wii, and now look at where nintendo is at. Casuals are sheep, and sheep tend to stray off easily. "Gamers", will see a gaming console that offers better quality and games than its competition, if they smart of course.

ShaunCameron2634d ago

Unfortunately most gamers are just as casual as the crowd they like to bash. I wouldn't exactly call casuals stupid sheep since hardcores tend to follow every word reviewers and industry heads say religiously like mindless cult members and base their tastes and opinions around it. So much for thinking for self.

Quality is largely subjective. People only buy consoles and games according to what they feel serves their gaming needs best, not what has better graphics and more features that many probably have little use for anyway. Besides, they got more important things to worry about than video games. It ain't that serious.

WitWolfy2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I agree who watches DVDs on a console anyways. It eats your laser like you wouldnt believe in the long run. Trust me I would know my phat Xbox can barely read games thanks to my Gf for always watching some dvds on it.

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ElementX2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Who comes up with these website names? Seriously, if you want to do game journalism, just join an established site. Everybody and their brother is coming up with a website and all the good names are taken.

gamingdroid2636d ago

LOL... definitely has sexual connotation to it.

VerbalKint272636d ago

The title is actually a reference to Army of Darkness, tho some attribute it to Full Metal Jacket.

Plus, it's different. Stands out more than 'gamescom' or 'gamesnet' or something benign like that. It's memorable.

It's not rocket science.

ElementX2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

It's not as though your website will ever get exclusives. Just rehashing news from other websites and editorials. No developer is going to go to thisismyjoystick for an exclusive interview. There are too many websites out there posting the same crap. Even the editorials are redundant. Also, if you click on your website's articles, none of them have comments except a handful. Nobody cares what some random person thinks of a game, your reviews don't help anybody.

That's the point of my comment, everybody has a website and nobody gives a damn about 95% of them. People already have their sources for gaming articles and news. They've been going to the same sites for 15 years.

VerbalKint272636d ago

How are we rehashing? I don't remember ever claiming that we're a news site?

I find it odd that for someone who thinks there are too many websites posting the same crap, your first port of call is an aggregator for all gaming sites. I don't recall pointing a gun to your head and making you click on the link.

But whatever dude. If we're not your bag, I can both respect and live with that and won't be losing any sleep over it. I know by our detailed stats of returning visitors and the industry connections we have that we're on the right path.

As for community interaction, admittedly the site isn't the most user friendly at the moment, thanks to our current set-up, but we launch our redesign very soon to change that.

Thanks for taking interest enough to comment. :)

VerbalKint272636d ago

PS: Exclusive interviews. Some celebs, some developers. All awesome.

VerbalKint272636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Oh wait! I just realised I knew that username.

You're the one who sent me an abusive PM a month or so back, then sent me another one a minute later claiming that it was because you were drunk.

Oh, you're hilarious, Nate...

cstyle2636d ago

when parents go to the store this holiday they will see 360 with kinect, PS3 and wii. They will choose the 360 with kinect 95% of the time IMO. Kinect is really aimed at kids with most of the game choices. Once the kids see the fun factor in gaming with kinect it will be all over. Now most dads on the other hand will choose PS3. Its a high chance that most who wanted a Wii already have one.

_LarZen_2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

This with the combination of Move is the death of Kinect.
The good thing is that it works with X360 alsow!

2636d ago
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