MyNiritori Reviews | No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

In the year of the HD rerelease, Suda51 brings his quirky cult classic No More Heroes onto new hardware with No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise. With new modes and move compatability, Heroes’ Paradise feels like a brand new experience for long time fans and something to try for interested Sony gamers.

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iDotDotDot2633d ago

I liked this back on Wii, can't wait to pick up a copy on PS3

Mike_Tha_Hero2633d ago

Same, I'm getting Move just for this. I never got to finish it on the Wii, hell I don't even remember it, but I know it'll b just as good.

Istanbull2632d ago

Its already out in Europe, I bought it back on the PS3 and its really an amazing game!