Zero Punctuation: Deus Ex Review

This week in preparation for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Zero Punctuation retrospectively reviews Deus Ex.

Game: Deus Ex
Genre: RPG
Developer: Ion Storm
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Platform(s): PC

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fucadastates2604d ago

aint giving hits to page or vids from theescappist since the "extra credits" thing!!

..sad to lose yatze

Lavalamp2604d ago

Yahtzee deserves your attention!

Undeadwolfy2604d ago

What was the deal with that anyway? I love Zero Punctuation and heard about this thing with Extra Credit but couldnt find any info. Will trade a bubble for info ^^

Lavalamp2604d ago

It'd take too much time to explain, so I'll link you to an article that managed to document the full story.

RedDead2604d ago

What the fu**? Deus Ex 1 Review, preparing for Human Rev