DLC maps for Modern Warfare 3 will also be playable in Spec-Ops and Survival mode

PSFocus: During the GamesCom we had a change to do an interview with Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward. We talked about the multiplayer and he could'nt give us new info. But he shared some information about the DLC that will be available after the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Ware 3.

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gw4k2635d ago

I don't understand what this means. Are you saying that DLC is 'EQUIPPED' with Dual Function? Hehehe

MRHARDON2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

No, Spec Ops and Survival Mode uses MP maps as battle grounds.

So it would be right if they let us use MP DLC maps in Spec Ops and Survival Mode.

gamingdroid2635d ago

Multiplayer maps are usually made to be played online in like different game modes.

However, Spec-Ops and Survival Mode is special modes intended to be played as co-op and involves certain goals.

This is great news, as I wish they had more spec-ops in MW2! Maybe we can get an campaign expansion as well.

Skate-AK2635d ago

Yay now they can charge $25 a map pack!

The_KELRaTH2635d ago

And there'll be plenty of DLC as they're stripping it out of the game as we speak!

NuclearDuke2635d ago

Name me a major company that does not work on DLC or Expansion packs before releasing their game, just one.

Every seems to hate Infinity Ward/The MW-franchise for this, but the fact is that every major game developer has teams working on Expansion prep/DLC from the minute they work on the actual game.

gamingdroid2635d ago

Yup, and there is no way for you to know it either unless the devs tell you!

DLC is just like the old expansion packs on PC games, and those cost like half the game cost and was planned in advance as well.

vyke32635d ago

in-game maps:
COD4:16 maps
MW2:15 maps
blops:14 maps
MW3:13 leaked maps
MW2: 2 DLC
blops: 4 DLC
MW3: ???

The_KELRaTH2632d ago

I find it hard to be happy with 12-15 maps and a few very expensive map packs when it wasn't that long ago when you could be playing fps games with around 10,000+ maps (UT, Quake, Doom, RTCW etc etc etc) - and they were bigger with more complex routes.

2635d ago