Resident Evil: Revelations- Maximum Boob Edition

Chris Buffa (Modojo): With one Resident Evil: Revelations screenshot, Capcom singlehandedly set the women in video games movement back at least five years.

The image in question? A gruesome yet sexy (Gruesomely sexy?) shot of what could be Jill Valentine trapped within a monster's clutches.

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xf2636d ago

You saw a breast in a screenshot?. Really?.
Was that really worth writing an article for?.

Reaper99372628d ago

WTF people! When did the world become so gay? Why the [email protected] would anybody complain about a video game chick having a tight ass or big tits...for [email protected] sake grow games aren't real why should they ever pretend to be, if you don't like what you see stop [email protected] playing games....nuff said.