G4TV - Starhawk Gamescom 2011 Preview: Flag Capturing Mechs in Flight And Deadly Drops

Sinan Kubba writes: With Starhawk, Lightbox Interactive has done what we’ve been patiently waiting for Activision to do with Call of Duty. The “spiritual successor” to Warhawk sees the 32-player PS3-exclusive shooter experience launch into space, and that’s a very stirring prospect for us at G4.

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HeavenlySnipes2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I love how everyone is using comic style cutscenes now. InFamous FTW

toxic-inferno2637d ago

Interesting isn't it? As soon as we get full on, photo-realistic cutscene ability, we drop it in place of something we could have produced 10 years ago!

Still, I love the comic-style cutscenes, especially in games where they make sense.

BitbyDeath2637d ago

Is awesome how you can watch buildings construct themselves like at the 4min mark with the turret.

Always loved that feature in games like C&C.