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Sony console delay stokes holiday sales worries, more delays possible, developers stocks tumble

Some analysts said the delay could be the tip of the iceberg as Sony pushes to get its costly and complex machine through the thorny manufacturing process into the hands of enthusiasts.

"I think it raises concerns that maybe Europe is the first and possibly not the last to fold in its launch plans," Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey told Reuters. (PS3)

cosmoracer  +   2934d ago
And now..
And now Sony has screwed the people that really matter - the people with money. I am an Xbox fan and once saw Sony as a rival. Now I see Sony as the underdog and I actually feel sorry for them.
General  +   2934d ago
Thats the last straw, Defo not getting a PS3 now, Get a 360 and Jump in! I am soon ;)
Indigo  +   2934d ago
WOW no big surprise here
No surprise here, M$ did it's homework sending they're system out first has caught fony of gaurd and now they seem to be grassping at straws. Fony will indeed sell out once it comes to market but at what cost. Many gamers have already opened they're eyes to what Xbox and live can offer. Secretly telling themselves wow these games are good. And slowly admitting M$ aint all that bad.
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MoonDust  +   2934d ago
Don't play with the money
Ouch, this is going to hurt.
Islandkiwi  +   2934d ago
From a financial standpoint
I think if you're an investor, or a shareholder of Sony, you need to pay attention to what's going on here. A second delay, and expected units on release day cut by 75%...yet Sony still putting out press releases that all is fine, that they will still be on target by their financial year end.

Companies answer to the shareholders, and I think the shareholders need to be asking a few questions.
Chronical  +   2934d ago
Honestly, i dont know what there thinking. 75% of their release is not even there thats 1.5 million consoles missing or maybe even more. and they call that on track. I wonder how many of the consoles are going to be the 500$ batch and the 600$ ones.
THAMMER1  +   2934d ago
Check out USA today most active stocks
for Sony
THAMMER1  +   2934d ago
Take note
Sony makes the batteries inside the new motion controller as well. If you look close at the Notes on the USA today page they talk about Sony exploding Batteries. Hey any one want an exploding joystick.
richie007bond  +   2934d ago
sony hypeshite
Hey Ken, do you remember all the things you said about the Xbox 360? If not, let me refresh your mind:

“The Xbox 360 is Going After the PlayStation 2.”

Well Ken, at this pace, you will go after the Xbox 360…just make sure you launch the PS3 before the next round of next-gen consoles.

“The Xbox 360 won't change the type of entertainment.”

Neither will the PlayStation 3 with these constant delays, so hurry up before a cell phone can pull off PS3 graphics.

"Xbox 360 is 1.5, the PS3 is more than what I was expecting, so it's 3.5."

Yeah, you should probably name the PS3 the PS3.5 because it will launch so close to the PlayStation 4 that a 3.5 makes more sense than 3.

“The Xbox 360 is more of an Xbox 1.5 than a next generation console.”

Well Ken, the truth is that by the time you launch the PlayStation 3.5 in Europe, both AMD and Intel will be offering quad-core processors and some motherboards will support two of those processors, allowing people to have 8 cores inside their computers. Plus, both ATI and nVIDIA will be offering DirectX 10-class GPU early next year, meaning you will be the only one with an older shader architecture instead of the new unified model implemented in both Windows Vista and the Xbox 360.

Ken, now that I think about it again, you might want to rename your next-generation console as PlayStation 2.5.

Riiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaaaaaacer!

I remember Kazuo Hirai saying at E3 that, "the next generation doesn't start until we say it does!"…hrmmmm, so when would that be Kaz?

Does the next generation begin this November with 400,000 consoles in North America and one year old games like Fight Night Round 3? Oh, my bad, I forgot about Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaaacer! Ha Ha

This is what happens when you open your big mouth and talk trash about the competition. If you fail, everyone will laugh at you. This is definitely not a good start for the PlayStation 3 and if things don’t change, the PS2 successor is destined to fail. The console is expensive, delayed and will be outdated by the time it launches. Other than the Blu-ray Disc capabilities, the PlayStation 3 won’t bring anything new in terms of interactive entertainment.

Just pray Halo 3 doesn’t come up next March or green will be a color all Sony executives will forever dream with.
Solid Snake  +   2934d ago
They should show the other side of that chart!
I believe it's symetrical, only the line on the other side goes way up!
Marriot VP  +   2934d ago
Yah the only way that would happen is if Sony got a complete new set of CEO's.

What you just said is so retarded and lame it's like a bad comeback. "oh but I bet if you continued that chart it'd go way up, but straight up" How insanely retarded can you be.
Nodoze  +   2934d ago
Never bite the hand that feeds
A sure fire way to entice your bread and butter to move to the 360 is to fock with their revenue streams and share prices. Nice work Sony. Sony execs better break out some extra incense during prayer time....Please let Bluray succeed. Please let Bluray succeed. If they would have used a standard DVD drive NONE of these issues would be taking place.
Dreamworker  +   2933d ago
F1 06
I hope electronic arts makes F1 06 for xbox 360 also.

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