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Starhawk Interview With Senior Producer Harvard Bonin [PAX Prime 2011] | ShogunGamer.com

Ian Fisher writes: Among the many adventures I had at PAX Prime this weekend I had the great honor of talking to Harvard Bonin, the Sony Santa Monica Senior Producer on this little game you may have heard called Starhawk.

Ever since being formally announced in May I’ve been following Starhawk as much as possible and so far I haven’t been disappointed at all – even after dying in a brutal CTF match like I did at PAX Prime. Working with the talented team at Lightbox Interactive, Harvard is one of the central figures in Starhawk that is striving to make the game one of the best multiplayer games to appear on the PS3 if not one of the best multiplayer games period in the world of console games. (Harvard Bonin, PAX, PS3, Starhawk, Warhawk)

clearelite  +   1126d ago
One o my most anticipated games ever.
StrongMan  +   1125d ago
Why isn't this game getting more hype? What's wrong with everyone?
BitbyDeath  +   1125d ago
Know what you mean, this game will put all other shooters to shame.

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