F1 2011: New scenes from the Canada Grand Prix Video

In the new video of just under four minutes to the F1 2011 shows a Formula 1 race that starts at the track in Montreal, the operation of the DRS and the KERS race game, the video also demonstrates, led McLaren Mercedes.Veja video below.

F1 2011 will be released on September 20, 2011, for PC, PS3, Xbox-360, and 3ds PSVita.

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sdtarm2636d ago

looks just like f1 2010

evolution542636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

exactly my thoughts. sure, we now have DRS and KERS but overall it looks like the same game. they are racing in the same locations and the tracks itself don't change. gameplay itself i don't know but i don't think it can differ that much from 2010.

CleanUP-CharliE2636d ago

I have F1 2010 and its a great game.

I know i would want a 'better' game each time, but if you have a PS3 or Xbox360, it's not gonna be that much better. Formula 1 in real life changes 1 or 2 tracks each year so you have the same tracks over and over (which is ok).

What would you want them to do differently? It's not like they're gonna invent stuff up. It's not Forza or GT5.

I have a PS3.

Goeres2636d ago

Didn't buy f1 2k10 last year. This one is a must buy for me!

MasterCornholio2636d ago

Damn i thought it was the Vita version since it was in the Vita section.