Opinion Piece | Capcom DLC Reaches New Low With Street Fighter III Online Edition

The DLC for Street Fighter III Online Edition has been detailed.

Capcom confirms they have no shame.

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denero12637d ago

lol so the other person can't even see it unless they have it :\

kind of makes it even more useless then it already is

waltyftm2637d ago

What a fooking joke, Crapcom really have lost the plot.

kesvalk2637d ago

this is why i do not support capcom anymore...

J86blum2637d ago

Nex title should be everyone vs Capcom. I'd buy that for a doller.

LeShin2637d ago

The really sad thing is that there are gonna be some retarded people who will actually buy this...

KwietStorm2637d ago

With all that Capcom has been guilty of this generation, this is hardly a new low. Sheisty, yea, but the author mentioned that they're jusr colors and not new costumes. Who expected new costumes for a re-release of a 10+ year old game?

Giru0172637d ago

Who expects sprite re-colors (which take a couple of minutes each to make) to cost money?

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The story is too old to be commented.