Sonic Generations City Escape Gameplay

Dualshock Nexus: Sonic Generations reminds me of how much fun Sonic games were back on the Sega Genesis and the Dreamcast. At PAX Prime 2011 I got to play both classic and modern versions of the City Escape level . Click the videos below to see the footage we captured.

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Dlacy13g2637d ago

Man... is Sonic really still relevant or should Sega just kill the blue dude off?

Ser2637d ago

Wow, that actually looked really good.

Can't wait to pick this up.

Treezy5042637d ago

Yeah we have a nice interview with one of the team members too but it's kind of hard to hear. This game is looking awesome though, definitely worth a pick up if your a huge sonic fan :)

Ares842637d ago

I loved the demo, this looks great as well. If SEGA is keeping this up Sonic might just make a return.

Myst2637d ago

What kind of anyway game is lookin' nice.

Neoninja2636d ago

Love the truck chase with modern sonic. Looks like this game has tons of potential, here's hoping SEGA doesn't kill it with some random gimmick.

n4f2636d ago

zombies sonic he slow AND doesnt attack

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