Activision Announces Kinect Enabled Cabela's Hunting Game

XXLGaming writes, "The Big Game Hunter series takes a new direction and utilizes Kinect technology. Not only is the game Kinect enabled, but you'll also get a rifle controller as well for the actual shooting."

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hilyou2633d ago

ENOUGH WITH THE SHOVELWARE ALREADY! microsoft seriously start working on some hardcore titles, cabelas hunting is just pure shovelware! there were like 10 cabelas on wii!

hilyou2633d ago

i know that, but i mean instead of using all their money on marketing kinect they should use it on hardcore games! also they should hav a seal of quality like how nintendo used 2 back in the day! so shovel ware doesn't get RELEASED! gamecube had a seal of quality, but as soon as nintendo dropped it on wii, there was shovel ware everywhere! (rhythm not INTENDED)

Nes_Daze2633d ago

Shovelware may be crap quality, but it attracts the casuals quite easily. Remember Microsoft's last E3 and the games shown for Kinect? They are taking the Nintendo route, and this may hurt some of fanboy feelings but..hey..I rather stick with the company that isn't puting shovelware on the same balance scale as top quality games.

dark-hollow2633d ago

At least nintendo got GOOD casual games that appeal to core gamers too.
Mario kart and wario ware comes to mind!

Agent_hitman2633d ago ShowReplies(1)
from the beach2633d ago

Interesting to see a lightgun peripheral arrive, amid increasing news of games using both sensor and controller (Steel Battalion / Ryse?).

I'd love to see Sega follow suit and bring their modern arcade gunshooters to Kinect, or Move for that matter.

mac_sparrow2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

is it just me, or does anyone else think that a lot of what is being tracked are those big, brightly coloured balls on the gun?

Now if only I could think of where I've seen this solution before....

Whilst not as catchy marketing wise at least this and steel battalions approach will work.

You and the controller... are the controller!

Ju2633d ago

Yep, not just you. LOL.

" Not only is the game Kinect enabled, but you'll also get a rifle controller as well for the actual shooting"

ORLY? I mean, you are the controller, or aren't you.

mac_sparrow2633d ago

just noticed, why the hell is the kid jumping and aiming....

ohhh he's a casual, he must be quickscoping ;)

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